Saturday, February 27, 2010

52 Weeks to better Genealogy

The mission this week is to add five blogs to my favorites and read them daily. There are so many to choose from. I've picked the following five, but they will most likely lead me to many others.
My picks for this week are: ThinkGenealogy, DearMYRTLE, Everything's Relative, Genealogy Tip of the Day, West in New England. Keeping up with these, and the others that they lead me to, may become a full time job.
One of the medals I've been working on for the winter games has to do with up-dating my back-up system. To that end this week I moved all my back-up CDs to my hard drive and then moved all of it to a new DVD. I already back-up my genealogy files to a flash drive.
Since today is also Surname Saturday, I went back to my CONNERY surname and found some information that I did not have in my database. My grandfather Michael Joseph Connery came to the US on 30 Jul 1888. He was on the ship Alaska which sailed from Liverpool and Queensland. This information is available at the Castle Garden website. Using the Family Search record search website, I located the Michigan marriage record for Michael Connery and Alice Fleming. According to the record they were married 27 June 1893! We always observed their anniversary on 28 June. I fact 2 of their daughters and at least one granddaughter were married on the same date. This will take some additional detective work.