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The First St Patrick's Day in Limerick

How Ireland Celebrates!
For my Fleming/Connery relatives.
Students from Villiers School will carry Ireland's largest tricolor in the Limerick city St Patrick's Day Parade

Students from Villiers School will carry Ireland's largest tricolor in 
the Limerick city St Patrick's Day Parade

LIMERICK city and county will be greener than ever this St Patrick’s Day with a city landmark going green for the first time and a county Limerick village hosting its first ever parade.
The 17 storey Clarion Hotel on Steamboat Quay will be in good company this Saturday when it joins Niagara Falls, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the London Eye and Table Mountain in South Africa on a list of well-known landmarks being lit up to celebrate Ireland’s national holiday.
Dr Ed Walsh, the founding president of the University of Limerick will lead more than 4,000 participants in the St Patrick’s Day city parade, as grand marshal.
“There is so much on in Limerick this weekend, come on in, enjoy yourselves, come watch the parades and enjoy your city,” said Fran O’Donnell, festival organiser.
“It’s the first Bank Holiday weekend of the year, we have a colourful parade with a fantastic variety of entries, traditional music trails, racing, post parade activities in the Hunt Museum and the Milk Market and we’re holding a céili mór which is set to be great fun,” he added.
In what will be one of her first official functions since being crowned the Limerick Rose on Friday night, Adare’s Suzanne O’Brien will also take part in the parade.
The theme of this year’s parade is ‘The World in Union’ which will celebrate Limerick’s huge community base, its ethnicity, diversity and the fact that St Patrick’s Day is now truly a global phenomenon.
The Limerick St Patrick’s Day parade regularly attracts more than 70,000 spectators onto the streets of the Treaty City.
Among the many attractions this year will be the Limerick military entry which will be led by the colour party down the traditional route of O’Connell Street past the review stand to Merchant’s Quay.
Ireland’s largest tricolour will be carried by students from Villiers School – the 2012 flag ambassadors.
The city streets be alive with traditional music thanks to a new city ‘trad trail’ across the many musical pubs.
And for those keen to brush up on their Irish dancing they can do so at the céili mór at Pery’s Hotel in Limerick city on St Patrick’s night.
Meanwhile, the celebrations will also be in full swing across towns and villages in the county where a number of parades are taking place.
Anticipation is building nicely in the village of Ballylanders which is preparing to host the first ever St Patrick’s Day parade in the history of the parish.
“Basically we wanted to do something to bring a bit of atmosphere to Ballylanders. We felt the local businesses definitely needed it and we also have good facilities to facilitate a St Patrick’s Day parade. We have everything going for us,” said James Keating from Ballylanders who is one of the organisers of the parade.
“There will also be an open air ceili and shows in the village park following the parade,” he added.
Vintage and classic cars, local sports clubs and scouting groups will all feature in the Castleconnell parade which starts at 12.30pm from the Castle Oaks Hotel car park.
“We will have all the usual attractions. It is a day very much focused on the community and bringing people out and giving them something to smile about,” said a spokesperson for the ACM (Ahane/Castleconnell/Montpelier)Committee who are organising this year’s parade.
“Different businesses are involved in the floats. Hopefully the weather will be nice,” added the spokesperson.
as published in the Limerick Leader Mar 16, 2012

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fearless Females 15 - Kathleen Connery

Lisa Alzo of The Accidental Genealogist blog presents Fearless Females: 31 Blogging Prompts to Celebrate Women’s History Month. March 15: Write a six-word tribute to one of your female ancestors. For my aunt Kathleen Connery: Loyal, loving, determined, generous, devout, strong of heart.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tech Tuesday - Indexing the 1940 Census

I received an e-mail today from the 1940 Census Community Project Team and I am reproducing it here because of its importance. In today's technology oriented world there is no reason we need to wait for years to access the data provided by the census. Yes there are other ways to find your relatives in the census, such as using the OneStep Pages created by Steve Morse but what about those with fewer tech skills? Someone worked to index the previous Censuses for the rest of us, this is our chance to give back. There is even a mobile app you can download to index on the go. Try it, you'll like it! If you are a Scout Leader, get your troop involved! This could be a good service project. History teachers, this could be a good class project.

1940 US Census Project Update
As the launch of the 1940 US Census Community Project draws near, we're making final preparations to support the indexing of this amazing collection—and you can participate.
New! 1940 Census Indexing Simulation

Try your hand at indexing the 1940 US Census through an indexing simulation. Simply download and launch the indexing software. Then click on the Download Batch button in the software interface. At the top of the list of available projects, choose either *SIMULATION* 1940 US Census (Part 1) or *SIMULATION* 1940 US Census (Part 2) and then click the OK button to download one of these batches.

The images for this simulation have been created based on the 1940 census form and are not real historical records. Additionally, there is only one training batch under each simulation. Use these simulation batches to learn what the 1940 census will be like or to train others prior to the release of the 1940 census.

If you haven’t already had a chance, you can download the indexing software and get started today.
Need Help Getting Started?

Video tutorials and documentation for how to get started with the indexing software are now available online at
Watch how to download the indexing software
Watch how to register for an indexing account
Download the guide Getting Started with Indexing
For those who are participating as members of societies, Getting Started with Indexing includes instructions on associating an indexing account with a specific society or other indexing group.
Spread the Word.

You can help us spread the word. Getting others involved will make make the index of the 1940 census available more quickly.
Here are a few ways to let others know about this project:
Tell your friends to join the cause by registering at
Are you in a society? Index census records as a society.
Do you blog or have a website? Become an ambassador to spread the word.
Are you on Facebook? Like our page on Facebook.
Are you on Twitter? Follow @The1940Census and join the conversation using #1940census.
Why Will You Help?

If you have a specific motivation for helping to index the 1940 US Census, please send a message explaining why you are excited to participate to
Thank You!
The 1940 US Census Community Project Team

Monday, March 5, 2012

Motivation Monday - 1940 Census and Indexing

Some would ask "Why would I want to volunteer to Index the 1940 Census?" I have interviewed several people who have been indexing for some time and these are their responses:

It is easy.
All the help you need is right there.
It makes me feel good to contribute.

How many times have you found valuable information online at or or How do you think those names got indexed? VOLUNTEERS!

The opportunity to help index genealogical records has been available for more than 3 years for both ancestry and family search. Both have their own rewards if something more than giving back to the genealogy community is wanted. offers a subscription discount if you maintain a 900 image per quarter. That works out to about 1 image per day! Family Search promises that their records will always be available at no charge. How is that for rewards?

I've been indexing for several years and plan to continue. Limber up those fingers this month and LET'S INDEX!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fearless Females Blog Post: March 4: Marriage Records

Once again, in honor of National Women’s History Month, Lisa Alzo of The Accidental Genealogist blog presents Fearless Females: 31 Blogging Prompts to Celebrate Women’s History Month.
March 4 — Do you have marriage records for your grandparents or great-grandparents? Write a post about where they were married and when. Any family stories about the wedding day? Post a photo too if you have one.

My mother's parents Alice Fleming and Michael Connery were married 28 June 1893 in the Port Huron home of Alice's sister Mary Fleming Walsh. The priest who performed the Catholic ceremony was their brother Fr Thomas Fleming. Two of their daughters, Pauline and Elizabeth, chose June 28 as their wedding day and at least 2 of their grandchildren also share that anniversary.

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My father's parents Henrietta Burbach and Adolph Hansen married on 31 Oct 1907 in the Jesu Church in Milwaukee, WI. The real question in this story is how did they manage to have a nuptial Mass when Adolph was not a catholic. He is also listed as a godfather to Henrietta's nephew Herman Adolph in 1908.