Monday, March 5, 2012

Motivation Monday - 1940 Census and Indexing

Some would ask "Why would I want to volunteer to Index the 1940 Census?" I have interviewed several people who have been indexing for some time and these are their responses:

It is easy.
All the help you need is right there.
It makes me feel good to contribute.

How many times have you found valuable information online at or or How do you think those names got indexed? VOLUNTEERS!

The opportunity to help index genealogical records has been available for more than 3 years for both ancestry and family search. Both have their own rewards if something more than giving back to the genealogy community is wanted. offers a subscription discount if you maintain a 900 image per quarter. That works out to about 1 image per day! Family Search promises that their records will always be available at no charge. How is that for rewards?

I've been indexing for several years and plan to continue. Limber up those fingers this month and LET'S INDEX!