Thursday, March 18, 2010

He OnlyThought He Knew Who He Was

Recently a 50s something was approached and told that the people who raised him were not his parents. A woman contacted him and said "I am your mother and I gave you to them at birth". She had been young and unmarried, sent away from her family, and staying with relatives. When the baby was born, he was given to an aunt and uncle to raise.
With only a name and location to begin with, the search was begun to find out who he was. Fortunately the first name of his father was rather unique since the last name was very common. Using the message boards we found an obituary that mentioned him and his wife. Unfortunately they were both deceased. Their deaths were confirmed by the SSDI. Knowing where they died, we tried "ask a librarian" to look for an obituary. No obituary surfaced. Were there any children of this couple?
Back to the obituary which listed parents, step-siblings, nieces, and nephews of our person. Using we found addresses and phone numbers for a step-brother and an uncle of the person we were looking for. A response to a message board query associated our man's name with a probate issue. This discovery yielded a half brother and nephew. Phone calls were made, confirmations were made and a family was found!