Monday, May 17, 2010

Madness Monday - 17 Mai Norwegian Independance Day

Living in the Midwest, we always waited until the last danger of frost was past before doing any gardening.  In our northern Illinois area that was usually mid-May.  My father would often utter the phrase "Happy Sit in the Mud Day" at this time of year.  Many years later I realized he was actually saying "Happy 17 Mai Day".  Referring to his Norwegian heritage, of which he was very proud.  Remembering this I had planned to add a mp3 player to this blog so I could let you hear some of my Great-grandfather's composition "Onkel Tom's Cake Walk".  Adolf Hansen (1852 - 1911) was a Norwegian Composer of Military music and conductor of the Oslo Brigade Band.  The madness comes in from my efforts to complete the task which remains undone.  We all know about good intentions.  Happy 17 Mai!!