Saturday, July 10, 2010

Surname Saturday - Where They Came From

I thought I would revisit the surnames I am researching, this time listing them by country of origin.  It will be interesting to see where the majority my research is taking me. Because I have chosen to orient my family tree from my grandchildren's viewpoint, this list includes the surnames in both Dave's and my backgrounds as well as the surnames of my son-in-law's adoptive parents.

In no particular order, the list is:
Germany:  Burbach, Caspari, Siglar/Ziglar, Sempstrott, Coan/Coon, Haas
Ireland:  Connery, Fleming, Hennessy, Leahy, Mc Carthy, Ryan
Norway: Hansen
Sweden:  Peterson, Hanson (2 different lines)
Hungary:  Gulyban, Palinkas, Fendrik, Biro
Bohemia:  Krbec
Scotland:  Ferguson

As I suspected the preponderance of my research will be using German resources.  Thank heavens they are abundant.    One German line I have traced back to 1732 and another to 1604.  The Ferguson line goes back to 1641 in Virginia.  Haven't begun to check Scottish resources yet.  I suspect this is a never ending project.