Thursday, August 26, 2010

Treasure Chest Thursday - The Journey of Cabinet 1940 - 2005

I first knew this cabinet when it lived in the kitchen of my parents first apartment in Chicago. At the time it was built in to a wall of cabinets and was covered with many coats of white enamel paint.  We eventually moved to other apartments and then to a house in the suburbs.  

Fortunately, my Uncle Tom owned the apartment building and when it was sold in the mid-1960's we were offered the chance to take what we wanted from the building.  We took the cabinet and moved it to our little 4 room apartment where my husband,  Dave, worked very hard to remove the white enamel.  He thought there were at least 32 coats of paint!  Finally it was revealed that the cabinet was solid oak.  After it was stained, it took a place of honor in every residence we occupied.  I moved with us from house to house in Illinois and finally to Florida.  With every move we prayed that nothing would happen to the stained glass door.  

After about 15 years in Florida,  Dave decided it was time to pass in on to our son David.  He did some major repair work on the top, and one side and then re-stained it.  Once again it was moved.  This time it was back to Illinois where it is under the care of David. 

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