Saturday, September 4, 2010

52 Weeks To Better Genealogy - Challenge #36

Week 36: Check out the Family History Library catalog (

I have been using the Family History Library catalog for some time and it has proven invaluable in documenting my family records.  I have ordered films of church records from Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Norway, and Sweden.  I don't speak these languages, but have found that names are fairly legible in any language and the records are written in both Latin and the language of the country.

Usually I use the place search but lately have also used the keyword search.  Case in point:  the place search for St Mel Church shows 2 films of church records available, but using the keyword search for St Mel Church gave me another film which held the Baptismal records for 5 of my mother's brothers and sisters.

I have ordered the church records  from Oberselters Germany and been able to trace my ancestors back to 1732.  Lucky for me they didn't seem to move often.  In the 1850s they began migrating to the United States.  They settled in Milwaukee, WI, St Louis, MO, and Austin, TX.

I use the film/fiche search when I have taken less than substantial source notes.  I may have a film number, item number, and page number but not the actual title of the film.  Film search is a quick fix.