Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Gus - Veteran's Day 2011

Gus Gulyban was born 11 Nove 1921 in Martin's Ferry, Ohio.  His parents were both immigrants from Hungary.  His father, August, was a coal miner who had immigrated in 1905 as a laborer, coming to the United States to seek his fortune.  His mother, Mary, traveled to the United States with her sisters, Elizabeth and Julia, to join their mother who had immigrated earlier.  Mary found work as a domestic servant, which helped her learn English.

Gus grew up on the banks of the Ohio River, but never learned to swim.  That was probably due to his mother's fear of water.  Nevertheless. he joined the U S Navy during WWII and served on the USS Zebra and on the Lindenwald from which he was discharged.  His brother John followed him into the Navy and remained in the Navy for 20 + years.

After leaving the Navy, Gus went to work for AT&T and settled in the Chicago, Illinois area where he married and raised a family.  After retiring from AT&T, Gus and his wife, Wanda, moved to FL where he lives today.

Happy Birthday Veteran Gus Gulyban!  One of many heros who served or are serving our country.