Thursday, June 7, 2012

1911 Irish Census - Geneabloggers Treasure Chest Thursday

There is a story in our family about my grandmother's brother Patt Fleming who is said to have come to the United States only to return to Ireland saying "the work was too hard".    How to prove or disprove such a story?
I found a ship's list showing that Patt Fleming arrived in 1884 with his sister Eliza Fleming Hogan and her 4 children.
In 1893 Patt wrote a letter to his sister Alice on the occasion of her marriage.  The letter was written on letterhead engraved "P S Fleming Family Grocers A Wine Merchant  1 Sandymount Green Dublin".
This would support the theory that Patt returned to Ireland very shortly after his immigration to the US.

The 1901 and 1911 Census for Ireland shows Patt living in Dublin with the occupation of grocer.  In the 1911 census Patt and family are living at 1 Sandymount Green.  Also living in the household are the 6 assistants in the shop.  This would indicate some success.

There are 2 additional pages of the census for Patrick Fleming which further describe the property that they lived in.  There are about 10 pages for this census which give information including the number or rooms and windows of each dwelling.

Sandymount is also a beach area but only when the tide is out!