Thursday, March 7, 2013

Fearless Females - How They Met

Last month as part of Lynn  Palermo's Family History Writing Challenge, I wrote about my parents wedding.    As I was writing I realized that I had never asked them how they met.  So I asked relatives if they knew anything.  My brother Paul knew the answer.

Mom's parents left Chicago every year to spend the winter in Miami.  One of their recreations while in Miami  was going to the horse races.  At the races they met and became friends with Oscar Daniels.  Somehow the topic came up that MJ and Alice had a single daughter and Oscar suggested that their daughter Betty be introduced to his nephew Donald, who would be arriving in Miami shortly.  At the time Donald was working as an iron worker for Oscar's company.

Betty and Donald met in Miami and hit it off.  Donald asked if they could persue the friendship when they both returned to the Chicago area and Betty said yes.  Horses remained part of their relationship was attested to by the two pairs of riding boots in their bedroom closet when we were growing up as well as the honeymoon picture of them at Idle Hour Farms in Kentucky.


  1. What are the chances? They lived in Chicago and happened to be connected in Miami? I love it!

  2. Thanks for reading Andrea and Heather.

  3. Great picture! Nice story. I decided to follow your blog. I am interesting in reading more of your stories.