Friday, June 28, 2013

Family Friday - Four Generations of Brides Celebrating June 28 Anniversaries!

June has been referred to as the "wedding month" although I think that is changing as our society becomes more mobile and cosmopolitan.  However June is the month picked by many of the brides in my family especially the 28th of June.  It began 28 June 1893 in Port Huron, Michigan with the wedding of my grand parents Michael Connery and Alice Fleming in the home of Alice's sister Mary Walsh.  The ceremony was performed by Fr Michael Fleming, brother of the bride.
Michael and Alice

The next generation to marry on that date were the daughters of Michael and Alice.  Pauline married William F Ryan on 28 June 1928 at St Mel Church.  Elizabeth married Donald G Hansen, also at St Mel Church, on 28 June 1941.  (Elizabeth wore her mother's dress)

Pauline and Bill Ryan

Elizabeth and Donald
Two of Pauline's children also choose the date for their own weddings.  Alice married George Sterling in 1951 at St Catherine of Siena Church and her brother William F Ryan II married his bride Barbara Brown in that same church in 1956.
Alice and George Sterling

Barbara and Bill Ryan

Elizabeth Hansen's granddaughter Nicole also chose this date to marry John Schoenholtz in 2012.  They were married in CA.

A toast to all celebrating an anniversary today!

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