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The Book of Me Written by You - Prompt 2 My Birth

Posted on Saturday by Julie Goucher in The Book of Me Written by You
The Prompt for week 2 is Your birth
Do you have any baby photos?
Where were you born?
Who was present at your birth?
What day was it? Time?
Did you have hair? Eye colour
Are you a twin?

I was born at 12:10 pm on Tuesday October 6, 1942.  I was the first child born to Betty Connery and Donald Hansen in what would eventually become a family of nine children.  West Suburban Hospital in Oak Park, Illinois is where I made my debut.

At birth I had strawberry blond hair and blue eyes.  I had a deep cleft in my chin and a "ski-jump" (slightly upturned) nose both courtesy of my father.  As far as I know only my mother, the attending physician, and a nurse were present.  My weight was 6 pounds 13-3/4 ounces.  While I don't have a record of my length it was probably about the average at the time of 18 inches.

I was baptised on November 1, 1942 at St Mel's Church in Chicago.  My godparents were my dad's sister and my mother's brother-in-law.

One month after my birth my cousin Patricia was born and she would become my earliest playmate.

Patsy and I learned to share at a very young age!  I am the one on your left.

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