Saturday, December 7, 2013

From Dad to Tom

This is a belated birthday gift for my brother Tom,  
but I am publishing it as a gift to othe family members who would like to know more about Donald G Hansen, the author.  The man I call Dad!

December 6, 1943
It was on the afternoon of December sixth,
That the arrival of Thomas Michael had been fixed.
But too far ahead of the story I am getting you see,
For I had meant to tell it just as it happened to be.

It was a cold morning, one of dark skies and light rain,
The only thing we thought important was Connery departure by train.
Momsie and Pops were going to Florida to see Ellie you know,
They also had in mind the sun so hot and the lack of cold snow.

I arrived home from work about a quarter to ten,
The reason being , it was raining again.
Betty was in the basement doing her wash in her machine so fine,
I went down to give her a hand, especially with the things that were mine.
All of a sudden she said, “Don, I don’t feel so well.”
I said “darling, come upstairs and sit down for a spell”.
We went upstairs and decided after all
To give Doc Carey the long awaited call.

I said Betty to 4140 I must go to say good by,
Because we have many things to do and time will fly.
After telling Ma and Pa good by, and to have a nice trip,
Down Washington Blvd. I met Doc Carey and his black grip.
I said, “Doc, old boy, from your office don’t stay away,
As my loving wife will be your patient today.”
I then called Pauline, who was sweet to say,
That she would stay with Donna til later that day.
Betty and I then in my car started West,
To complete the doings for the things we were blessed.
After arriving at the Hospital, and starting Betty on the way,
Up and down the hall I wandered with my large chest on display.

After waiting for about an hour out there in the cold hall,
Over the loud speaker system my name they did call.
Into the delivery room I then dashed like a kid,
For I was anxious to see just how good a job we did.

Betty was happy to hear it was a boy,
But there was no holding me, overloaded with joy.
Betty looked fine, although tired and weak,
It was at this time I decided things no longer looked bleak.
I then ran to the phone and started my calls of pride.
It seems you just want all to know your son’s at your side.

The first I did call was my mother, who was on the job in our home,
But it seems that there was no answer, now why should mother roam.
Dorothy then heard from me that it was a boy,
Congratulations to both of you, we shall share your joy.

Then I called Pauline, I was still bursting with pride.
I asked her to tell the others before their long ride.
Back in the room with Betty, things were peacefull and quiet.
We both just relaxed, there was no longer a riot.
After sitting there talking, we decided the name should then be,
Thomas Michael Hansen sounded plenty good to Betty and me.
It is no growing late so the door I must close,

Leaving Betty and Tommy in a sleepy repose.

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