Monday, April 28, 2014

Book of Me Written by You - Week 29: What’s in my Purse?

This week’s prompt (Week 29) is – What’s in your bag/pocket?
Do you routinely carry a bag or holdall?
What do you carry?
Why do you carry it?
What do you carry it in?
Do you carry differently things on specific days or to specific places?

I have carried a purse since grade school.  Sometimes it is a clutch, sometimes it is a handbag, but mostly it is a shoulder bag so I can keep my hands free.  What is inside it has changed over the years.  When the kids were small it always had band-aids, Kleenex, safety pins, chap sticks, and cough drops.
I used to carry a small make-up bag, hairbrush or comb, and always carried a checkbook.  Of course I also carried a pen or two.  Years ago, when I was taking a train to work, I carried a tote large enough to hold a pair of shoes since I wore tennis shoes to and from the office.
Now I only carry my wallet, keys, a lipstick, my phone. a small pack of tissues, a rosary, earbuds, and either a book or most often my tablet.  There is also usually a tin of mints and an emery board along with the purse hanger, 
Keeps my purse off the floor!

it's a pretty butterfly.

a recent gift from my daughter.  I don't carry a camera since my phone and tablet have a camera.  In fact  the major criterion for selecting a new purse is that it is big enough to hold my seven inch tablet.
I like variety and change, so I don't buy expensive purses and have several that I alternate using but I don't change them every day.

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