Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursday Treasures - An E-mail from Norway

Last summer I received an e-mail from a direct descendant of my Great grandfather's second wife Nathalie Bull.  Anders de Lange ( a great-grandson of my great-grandfather Adolf Hansen) had found my blog about two years earlier and spoken to his grandmother Edit Hansen de Lange about my writings.  Since then we have corresponded several times.  In the e-mail last summer, Anders included a small ad from a Norwegian newspaper.

Thanks to Anders' translation, I know this is the announcement of the death of Einar Adolf, 8 weeks old.  Einar is the son of Dorette Hansen born Christensen and Adolf Hansen, Musician.  Einar is buried at Krist Kirkegaard (cemetery) in Oslo, Norway.

This was pure treasure as there was no indication of Einar's existence otherwise.  Anders also provided the death announcements for Dorette (my great-grandmother) and her also previously unknown daughter Aagot Dorette in 1887.  They are also buried at Krist Kirkegaard.

Getting this information allowed me to go back to the Norwegian Church records to verify the dates of birth, christening and death of the two children of Adolf and Dorette of which I had no previous knowledge.

Krist Kirkegaard, Oslo, Norway