Saturday, November 12, 2016

Surname Saturday - The Leahy/Lehys of Bulgaden Parish

Bulgaden Parish Church
County Limerick, Ireland

Recently, I received two inquiries about my connection to the Leahy family.  One was via an message and the other was though MyHeritage dna. The dna match is to a Leahy branch that settled in Canada in the 1820s and the message board connection is to a Leahy who is still in Ireland whose aunts still live in the same area the Connerys lived in.  So I decided it was time to learn more about my Leahy ancestors.

My great-grandmother Mary Leahy was born 5 January 1827 to Patrick Leahy and Ellen McCarthy and baptized on 6 January 1827 in Bulgaden Parish, County Limerick, Ireland.  She married Patrick Connery of Kilfinane, County Limerick, Ireland on 4 March 1851 in Bulgaden Parish.  Patrick Connery and Mary Leahy had eleven children including my grandfather Michael Joseph.

Tracing and recording the births and baptisms of these children I have been able to determine the siblings of Mary Leahy.  As far as I have traced her siblings are:Thomas, Michael, Roger, John, Elizabeth, and Catherine. Based on the Baptismal records of Mary and her siblings their Leahy aunts and uncles are:Patrick, Mary, Thomas, Roger, Ellen, Michael, John.  The only unique name in these two generations of Leahys of Limerick is Roger.

Leahy and Lehy are interchanged on a regular basis.  I have seen both a Roger Lehy and Roger Leahy in the church records and until older records are available I will have to accept that my Leahy line will end in 1790 with the birth of the first Roger Leahy.

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