Thursday, October 19, 2017

“Throwback Thursday” and “Treasure Chest Thursday”! A 2for day

Photo courtesy of Joyce Vandeviere
used with permission

As I checked my facebook feed last night, I saw several photos posted by a friend of several of my high school classmates who are holding a mini reunion. One of the outings involved a trip to the Historical Society of the town where our high school was located. While there they were able to look at the Society’s collection of materials related to our Alma Mater.

As much as I enjoyed seeing my former classmates, I was very excited to see one of the photos which showed a typed copy of our “School Song”. Not only was it complete with both verses but right above it was the original “School Song” that was used until 1938 when the version that we had sung was composed. It gave me a huge thrill because my mother has graduated in 1935 from the same school! Now I knew the words to the song she had sung in high school.