Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Blog Anniversary - 1 year 100 posts!

It all began a year ago when I answered Thomas MacEntee's challenge to enter the Winter Olympic Games of Genealogy.  I was pretty much a solo genealogist.  I volunteered 4 hrs/week at my local Family History Center and indexed for both and but other than using the message boards my genealogy was pretty much a solitary effort.  What a difference a year makes and Thomas is to blame!

Using the blogging prompts provided by Geneabloggers, I have managed to create 100 blog posts in the past year.  Me, who was regularly grounded in boarding school for not writing a weekly letter home!  This year I have been reading lots of blogs and watching just about every genealogy related webinar  in existence.  I have experimented with additional software programs and began a serious source citation effort.  While not quite the project that Randy Seaver has created, I have used 3 different programs to create source citations to find out which one I will be more likely to use.  Actually citing the source is the real point!

I have joined 2 genealogical groups, one local and one in my home state.  I attend the local monthly meetings and have created and presented two power point shows to the local group, explaining gedcom and jpeg files and moving around in  I volunteer 4 hours a week in the genealogy room at my local library.

Thanks to reading all the Jamboree 2009 updates on faceboook, I actually signed up and attended Jamboree 2010 in Burbank last June.  I had a super time and began saving for this year as soon as I got home.  I was able to do some personal genealogy while in California since I had dinner with a cousin (and her husband) that I hadn't seen or visited with in 50 years.  No feud, just life and distance.

Maybe it isn't all Thomas' fault.  Facebook and Unclaimed Persons might have caused the opening crack in the wall of my solitary genealogy pursuit.  Getting to know Thomas, Randy, Dick Eastman, and Megan through their fb posts and following their advice led me to expanding my horizons.

I've come a long way baby, and I like where I've landed!


  1. Happy Blogoversary! What a great first year! Isn't it amazing how blogging can take you somewhere that you would never have expected?

  2. Congratulations,Donna and Happy Blogiversary!