Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sorting Saturday - Cleaning Out My Files

Sorting Saturday is an ongoing series by Michelle Goodrum at Turning of Generations.

As one of my genealogy goals for this year, I determined to work through my genealogy files one family per month. As I go through each file, I make sure that sources are entered and data is compete. I review census form for any additional information to be extracted, and then if the source is an online image, I get rid of the paperwork. I can always download it again if I need it. I scan original documents or photos into my computer. Those I save, but now they are also preserved by being part of my backup system.

Sorting through my Ferguson file this way leads to the added benefit of finding new information. New trails to explore. This month I have found 2 Revolutionary soldiers in my husbands tree and I'm on the trail of Civil War soldier ancestors. I have also found Land Records for land purchased in 1850 in southern Illinois.

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  1. I'm afraid I don't have the courage to throw those online images away. Seems like I'm always going back to review one and it's easier to pull from my family folders than find again and print again. Some day they will have to go. Libraries don't want them, but . . . not yet.