Sunday, April 29, 2012

Chuckles - Geneabloggers Sentimental Sunday

 5 Chuckles, 5 Flavors, 5 Cents

I don't remember when he would do it, but on a regular basis my dad would buy a package of "Chuckles" candy and bring it home as a special treat.  We each had our own color.  Mine was red (cherry) and my brother Tom had black (licorice).  Paul, Suzy, and Michael  were orange, green, and yellow.  I'm not sure who had which color.  We each got our chuckle and that was that.  The custom probably ended around 1952 when Mary was old enough to want one too.  They only came in packages of 5!  The slogan I remember was "5 Chuckles, 5 Flavors, 5 Cents".