Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Kathleen Connery

These are the rules for Randy Seaver's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun.

1)  Write a story using the phrase "ancestor I most admire" in 100 words.  [Hint:  If you write it in a word processor, you can use Tools > Word Count (or similar) to count words]

2)  Share the story with all of us by writing your own blog post, writing a comment on this blog post, or put it in a Google Plus Stream or Facebook Status or Note.  Please leave a comment on this post so others can find it.

The ancestor I most admire is my aunt Kathleen Connery.  Kathleen was one of my mother’s older sisters and I think was probably more of a mother than a big sister.  Kathleen was born April 10, 1895 in Chicago, IL.  After finishing school she went to work in her father’s Real Estate, Travel, and Insurance office.  Kathleen never married and cared for her parents until their deaths.  Kathleen was an avid traveler and often escorted her mother and sisters to Rome and Ireland where Kathleen’s parents were born.   Kathleen was very religious and belonged to the third order of St Dominic.  Selfless and generous to a fault, Kathleen died in Florida on Aug 12, 1986.  

The word count is 115 words and I didn't begin to fully describe Kathleen Frances Connery.