Thursday, January 24, 2013

Treasure Chest Thursday - Unpacking

Last week I was unpacking a Rubbermaid tote that had served as my nightstand for the past five years.  It had been packed up seven years ago when I left Florida.  There were lots of memories in that tote.  Photo albums to be scanned, rosaries to be treasured, handkerchiefs, even a piece of my husband's military parachute that he had saved,

The little ashtray is  a souvenir of a trip to Ireland with my Aunt Ruth, Uncle Tom, and cousin Pat Connery when I was eight years old.  We traveled to England, Ireland, Switzerland and France.  Probably, the ashtray was a gift for my mother but I have had it for years.  It will be a paperclip holder on my office desk now. 

Another treasure that I unearthed was a framed copy of the program from the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Dave and I spent four wonderful days as the guests of 3M Corporation.  I won the trip where I worked.  We attended the opening cerermony,  ski jumping, a hockey game, and both bobsled and luge events.  3M had rented a country club for the use of their guests and there was a frozen pond on the property.  The clubhouse had a place to borrow ice skates so I was able to ice skate at the Olympics.

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