Thursday, October 16, 2014

FGS2015 Connect Explore Refresh! FGS and Roots Tech working together

It will happen in February!  Picture this, genealogists from around the world mixing with techies from around the world in one place at the same time.  After reading facebook posts about RootsTech for several years I intended to go.  Being held in Salt Lake City meant that I could also achieve another goal: going to the Family History Library.

I was so determined to go to FGS2015 that I reserved a hotel room in Salt Lake City as soon as the dates were announced.  Almost a year ahead of time.  I hadn't been to my first FGS conference yet.

Last August I attended FGS2014 and wrote about my experiences each day.  It was so exciting to CONNECT with other genealogy friends, some of whom I only knew from their blogs and facebook postings.  I had also volunteered to help at FGS2014 and that introduced me to other lovers of genealogy.

When I go to a conference I try to select sessions that will add to my knowledge base but it is also fun to listen to a favorite speaker.  Usually the night before I will sit down with the list of presentations and pick a first and second choice for each time slot.  I don't stay within a certain track because it is fun to EXPLORE all of the aspects of genealogy!  You never know when that little tip you heard will come in handy.

After any conference I come home REFRESHED and ready to dig back into those ancestors and maybe solve a brick wall with some of my new ideas.  Maybe it's something new like looking for a second page of a ship's manifest or an alternate way of tracking down information.

I'm excited to be a FGS2015 attendee and blogger!  I don't know yet how it will all work but I know it WILL work.  Got my room and registration so all that's left is my airfare.  It's gotta be good to get this south Texas gal to go to Utah in February.

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