Tuesday, December 30, 2014

WOW!  I didn't realize how long I've been away from my blog.  There is a lot going on in the genealogy world.  Several organizations have posted their webinar schedules for 2015, Thomas MacEntee is sponsoring a "Genealogy Do Over" and then there is FGS2015/RootsTech2015.  While I haven't been writing lately, I have been planning!

FGS2015 and RootsTech will require a different kind of planning that the "Do Over".  I will be in Salt Lake City for a week and plan to spend some time in the Family History Library, so I have been reading all the tips and hints that generous facebook friends have been posting.  To prepare for my visit, I have selected two brick walls to explore in the Swedish records and an area of Ireland for exploration.  The Swedish records will perhaps help with my husbands ancestors while the Irish records may help me with my maternal grandparents.

For the "Genealogy Do Over" I will be taking a modified approach.  I will not be starting totally over, but will be reviewing each of my family files and making sure that citations are included for all documented facts.  As I review, I will be creating a "To Do" list for each line.  I will also be making note of documents to obtain.  The pdf spreadsheet created by Thomas MacEntee will be of help in keeping track of my progress and I may also be able to put Evernote to use.  As part of my "Do Over" I am going to try to stay on track and not go off to follow that new hint.