Monday, January 19, 2015

#week2 Genealogy Do Over - Still Organizing and Planning

Burbach Research 1732 to Current

We are now into week 3 of the Genealogy Do-Over and I continue to resist doing actual research but I am still going through my Burbach (my dad's maternal line) and making note of missing facts and records while checking the citations for the facts I do have.

I am doing active research on the two brick walls I will try to solve while I am in Salt Lake City next month.  I will be looking for the birth place for Oloff Hanson and Leopold Peterson.  I want to do as much fact finding as I can before I make the trip so I don't waste time with unproductive searches.  Just now I thought of a search that was suggested for Leopold that I need to do for Oloff.  They are both from Sweden and settled in Chicago by following routes in very different time frames.

I have been working more with Evernote and used it's search capability to find a note I had made at the library.  I knew it referred looking in a certain newspaper but couldn't remember who I was going to look for or the year I needed to find.  Evernote found the note by just entering the name of the newspaper.

I purchased Family Tree Maker 2014 and after a few bumps in the road (caused by some nasty things living in my computer) it is up and running.

I already feel that I am beginning to become a better and more disciplined genealogist as I recognize the need for smart planning instead of falling into the rabbit hole.  I will admit to falling into the hole for a while yestersay.  I was at the library and decided to google the villages I hope to research in County Limerick, Ireland.  One on the towns was Lisnaverne.  Imagine my surprise to find a Find A Grave for the church cemetery!  Of course I had to look but there were only 37 graves.  They were all for the Hennessy family.  My grandmother's mother was Mary Hennessy!  And there were notes attached listing parents, spouses, and siblings!  I will be using Find A Grave much more often.