Saturday, February 10, 2018

52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks – Week 6 Favorite Name “Dorette”

This week’s choice was an easy one for me as I have liked it since I first heard it as the name of the daughter of a “friend” of my parents. As it turned out the said “friend” was, actually, my father’s first cousin. His cousin Gordon had named his only daughter Dorette and I loved it from the first even though I did not realize the significance at the time. The name is pronounced as “Doretta” with the final “e” having the sound of an “a”. 

Dorette - Pronunciation of Dorette as a name for girls is of Greek origin, and the name Dorette means "gift". Dorette is a version of Dora (Greek): pet form of Dorothy.[i]

When I began doing genealogy I found that my paternal great-grandmother was Dorette Christensen and her mother had been Karen Dorothea.
Dorette Christensen was born 2 Nov 1857 in Akershus, Norway to Daniel Christensen and Karen Dorthea Christensen[ii]. She was the oldest of seven children and married Johannes Adolf Waldemar Hansen on 12 Dec 1876 at Grønland Parish, Oslo, Norway[iii].

Johannes and Dorette had seven children before her untimely death on 4 July 1887, at the age of thirty. Their youngest daughter, who died shortly after birth, was named Aagot Dorette.

RELATIONS VIA DORA Dodee, Dorae, Doralee, Dore, Dorea, Doree, Doreen, Doreina, Dorelia, Dorelle, Dorena, Dorene, Doretta, Doreyda, Dorie, Dorine, Dorita, Dorrie[iv]

Dorette’s son Adolph, my grandfather, named his daughter Dorothy, and his sister, Dagny, named her daughter Dorette. A great-granddaughter of Adolph's brother Sigurd, was named Dorette and over the years other great-granddaughters and great-great-granddaughters down to the sixth generation have used variants of the name as first or middle names.

My own name is Donna, but I never asked my parents if I was named after anyone. I assumed it was after my father Donald, but I kind of hope it was after that great-grandmother from Norway.

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