Saturday, February 10, 2018

My Blogiversary and the Olympics!

1988 Winter Olympic Games Program
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

                       It's my Blogiversary!! Eight years of blogging!! I thought I would go back to how it all started.

It’s time once again for the Olympics! I began this blog in 2010 as part to the Olympic Winter Games meme created by Thomas MacEntee. Wow that was eight years ago! I thought I would have run out of ideas long before now.

In 1988 my husband and I were the guests of the 3M Corporation for the Winter Olympics in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Dave and I spent four wonderful days as we attended the opening ceremony, ski jumping, a hockey game, and both bobsled and luge events.  3M had rented a country club for the use of their guests and there was a frozen pond on the property.  The clubhouse had a place to borrow ice skates, so I was able to ice skate at the Olympics.

Part of the fun of the Olympics, it the custom of trading pins. Most of the sponsoring companies at the Olympics supply their guests and representatives with a special pin designed to commemorate the occasion. As you meet and mingle with other guests, pins are swapped, and it is a real contest to see how many pins you can collect. I think in the four days we were in Calgary, Dave was able to collect about thirty pins, far from a record but a nice souvenir of the trip.

Pin collecting did not end with the Olympics however, as we traveled in later years, Dave continued to collect pins representing our journeys. He especially collected the pins as we cruised in the Caribbean. The pins he collected were attached to his straw hat.His penchant for wearing his hat on trips to the various islands earned him the nickname of “Pin Man”. The Olympic influence doesn’t always end with the closing ceremony.

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