Saturday, January 29, 2011

Geneabloggers Surname Saturday - Burbach of Oberselters, Germany

One of my genealogy goals for this year is to concentrate on one family line every month and clean up their file.  I wrote about the Burbachs on the first Saturday of January.  Today I will summarize what I have accomplished this month.

I have established that 2 additional lines of the family migrated to Milwaukee, WI in the 1870s.  They remain to be explored fully.

I have ordered several transcriptions from Milwaukee German Newspapers in  hopes of documenting cause of death, marriages, etc.  One thing I hope to get more details on is the drowning death of my grandmother's brother John at age 9.  I have only found one reference to it.  In the personal diary of a Milwaukee policeman.

I will continue to check for possible duplicate people and enter source citations.  As information becomes available I will keep working on the Burbachs but with February it will be time to concentrate of the Fergusons.