Saturday, January 1, 2011

Geneabloggers Surname Saturday

Happy New Year Everyone!!

As the new year begins so do my genealogy resolutions.  One of my resolutions was to concentrate on one surname per month.  I plan to make sure sources are cited, add photos and documents, delete duplicate individuals and facts, and continue new research.

To that end I thought I would alphabetize the primary surnames along with any associated surnames.  Just for fun I am color-coding them and including the area of research.  My surnames will be in red and my husband's surnames will be in blue.

BURBACH - Milwaukee, WI and Hesse Nassau, Germany
                        (also Heer, Meurer, Probst and others)
CONNERY - Chicago, IL, and Kilfinnane, Limerick, Ireland
                       (also Leahy, Ryan. Dawson, Hayes, and Mc Carthy)
FERGUSON - Jasper County, IL Decature, IN, Stokes, NC, 
                         York, VA, and Scotland)
                        (also Chapman, Stuart, and Whitmarsh)
FLEMING  - Chicago, IL Eau Claire, WI, Port Huron, MI, and 
                       Ballylanders, Limerick, Ireland
                       (also Hennessy, Hogan and Walsh)
GIBNEY     - Chicago, IL, Green County, Ohio and
                       La Porte County, IN, Sweden, and Germany
                       (also Hale, Hanson, and Hepke)
HANSEN   -  Chicago, IL and Aker, Akershus Norway
                       (also Pedersen, Daniels, Christiansen, Johnsen
                        Tripp, Dvorak, Riis)
PETERSON - Chicago, IL and Sweden
                       (also Britton and Neilson
SEMPSROTT - Jasper County, IL OH, and Berlin, Germany
                       (Steinfort of Ohio and Germany)

It would certainly appear that I will be busy this year since this is only one of my genealogy goals for this year.  Next Dec 31st I will review this post and see what I have accomplished.