Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tech Tuesday - Exploring Google Sites

I have jumped on the Google bandwagon! As I explored the many facets of Google, I found that I could create websites for free! I belong to a small genealogy group which charges no dues and thus has no money. The group needs to develop a web presence to increase their visibility in the community. If we have a website we can link to the local library website as well as the town website. Just think how many more people will know that we exist!

Google sites will allow the uploading of slide shows and photos. It even has the capability of notifying members of changes to the website. Google sites has multiple templates to choose from and allows collaborators to edit and change the website. I am currently experimenting with a practice site. I like that it can be kept private until you feel that the site is ready to go public. It doesn't seem any more difficult use than blogger and has many of the same features. You can have multiple websites too!