Monday, January 30, 2012

Geneabloggers - Motivation Monday - Starting Over

This is an ongoing series created by Dionne Kurti at Finding Josephine.

I'm glad I saw this blogging prompt! I know it has probably been available for a while, but I really needed it today. I was pretty good through December but just can't seem to get back to it. I guess it's true that the longer you don't post, the harder it is to begin again. I definitely need to set some goals to stay motivated.

In the future I hope to spend 2 days a month scanning and continue working my way through the alphabet with my family files. Of course, in April, it will be time for the 1940 census. I will work on indexing that so it is available as soon as possible.

In May, my daughter and will fly to Norway for a cruise to England, Ireland, Scotland, and France. With the exception of France, all of the countries are part of her heritage. We also will spend some extra time in Norway where my grandfather was born. I am currently trying to arrange meetings with descendants of his brother and half-brother still living in Norway.

I will be checking in to Motivation Monday from time to time to stay motivated. Thanks Dionne!