Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tech Tuesday - N(ook) 2 A(ndroid) Revisited

Last November, I wrote about converting my Nook Color to a tablet computer. I also commented that Barnes and Noble had made changes to their product line and was currently selling the Nook Color for $200.00 and had introduced a Nook Tablet which was selling for $250.00. The fact that I had paid $250.00 for my Nook Color and an additional $50.00 for the card to convert it to a tablet was initially disappointing, so I decided to see if I had jumped the gun and could have saved myself some cash by waiting.

I went to my local Barnes and Noble and spoke with one of the Nook sales reps. The Nook tablet is tied to the Nook market which has significantly fewer apps available than the android market. There are several genealogy apps available for the android while I have seen none available for the nook so far. There is also the question of cost. Barnes and Noble charges for many of the apps that are free in the android market.

In summary, I am very happy with my Nook/android tablet. The battery seems to last longer than my laptop's and I can take my genealogy files with me anywhere. I am very happy with the apps available and can even get dropbox. A computer that is between a laptop and a smart phone in size is just right for me!