Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Genealogy Do-Over Day 12 - What I Have Done

As I began the Do-Over, I determined that I would create new databases in two different programs.  In each program, I began with myself and added my parents and grandparents. As I added them to the databases I entered the sources I had to prove the information.

I had gathered birth, marriage, and death certificates for my parents and made a note of what I still needed to gather or request.  I don't have baptizmal certificates for either of my parents but I do know when and where they were baptized because it was noted in the book that their marriage was recorded in.
As I scan images, I want to be able to store them in a way that they will be accessible to both software programs.  After playing around with several ideas, my solution was to create a folder named "Genealogy Media"  inside will be individual family folders.  This will mean that I can scan to one place and access for both data bases.

I have established a workflow that I hope will halp me to work smarter not harder!  As I begin to work on a family I will first gather any documents that I have and scan them into a media folder.  As I enter facts for each individual they will be sourced and dosuments will be added to the record. The documents will then be filed in an appropriatly labeled file folder. After I have entered what I know I will begin also adding internet search results comptete with proper sources.

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