Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Genealogy Do Over 2016 - Sorting Saturday

I have signed up for Lynn Palermo's Family History Writing Challenge during February.  The concept is "One Month to a First Draft".  As I was trying to decide who to focus on, I thought that I would choose my Great-great-grandfather who emigrated from Germany to Wisconsin in 1856 with his wife and two small sons.  Then I had a second thought: what if I wrote about his wife and her feelings about leaving the village she was born in and traveling to a new world.  This will mean sorting through my files looking for items that will help me fill out the flesh for her story.  There will be some research as I have uncovered a new twist to her story while doing some preliminary research.  Can't wait to get started.

I have also joined the Blog Makeover Challenge.  It's a short 10 day project led by Daniela Uslan of "Blogging on Your Own Terms".  My blog will begin it's sixth year in February and I thought a makeover was in order.  I won't be changing the name of it but I will be making cosmetic changes.  So far I have written a mission statement and currently I am sorting through color combinations to find the best representation for the blog.  When I first designed the blog it was enough to just have something that went with the title.  Now it is time to refine the look of my blog.

I realize that these are BSO's to distract me from the Genealogy Do-Over but I am doing them along with the Do-Over.