Wednesday, December 22, 2010

52 Weeks To Better Genealogy – Challenge 51

52 Weeks To Better Genealogy – Challenge 51

Week 51: Think about the goals you want to accomplish next year and write them down. What research steps do you want to take? What records would you like to find? Think about the brick walls you’d like knocked down. What things haven’t you done yet and why not? This task doesn’t have to be a resolution list unless you want it to be. Authors of genealogy blogs may share their lists with their readers if they choose.

52 Weeks To Better Genealogy by Amy Coffin is a series of weekly blogging prompts that are a bit more challenging and are geared towards those new to the field of genealogy and family history as well as those who want to brush up on some skills which might be a bit rusty. Please include an attribution link if you participate.

My genealogy goals for 2011 are ambitious.  I will work on one family line per month and make sure that all information is entered and sources cited.

I will move cassette recordings to CD and share them with family.  This to ensure lots of copies and avoid total loss of resources.  Just need to borrow my grandson's boom box.

I will continue to scan family photos and organize folders by family.

I will attend the SOCAL genealogy conference in June.

I will continue to index for both and

I will continue to blog.

I will probably do some other things as well, but stating these goals will help me to stay on track.  Next year I will review my goals and see what I have accomplished.