Friday, December 10, 2010

How exciting to wake up and find that Dee and Debbie had given my blog the Ancestor Approved award.  This is really an honor!


The Award Rules: The recipient of the Ancestor Approved award lists ten things learned about their ancestors that have surprised, humbled, or enlightened. The recipient then passes the award to ten other bloggers that are doing their Ancestors proud.

1.  We had soldiers serving in several wars in the family.  I didn't know that.  My husband's Scots ancestors
   fought in the Revolutionary War as well as the Civil War, in addition to more modern wars.
2.  Sweden invaded Germany in the late 1500's.  I learned this while researching my husband's German roots.
3.  I love Google maps.
4.  That I can find my around the Norwegian Digitalarkivet.
5.  That is my friend.
6.  It is worth googeling a name or phrase in Google Books.  That's how I verified the cause of death for my
     Grandmother's brother.
7.  I am humbled that my ancestors left their homes and came to this country for a better life.They were
      amazingly successful.
8.  My husband's ancestors, on his mother's side, have been living in Southern Illinois since the 1860s.
9.  When some one asks about our Coat of Arms, I can reply there isn't one!  We were farmers and shop
10.  Religion meant a lot to my ancestors.

Although this part of the award was the most difficult, I have chosen  the following bloggers to receive the Ancestor Approved Award:

 Becky of
Robin of
Lori E of
Carolyn Murphy of
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 Now I will visit their blogs to let them know of their award!