Monday, December 6, 2010

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - Santa Claus

 As children, when Christmas approached, we began trying to see if we could see Santa's elves peeking in the windows.  We never caught them no matter how hard we tried.  As the oldest of nine children, I "believed" in Santa for a long, long time.

When I got older (about 12 or 13), I was promoted to Santa's helper.  We didn't get new dolls every year, but the dolls we already had were given makeovers.  Doll hair was styled with sugar water and curlers, and all dolls received new clothes.  This process consumed several evenings after the littles went to bed.

My husband's family also believed in Santa, so the tradition continued in our family.  When our son was about 6 he began to question the reality of Santa.  He was allowed to call and ask Grandma, who cheerfully said "Yes, there is a Santa".  With the help of our neighbors, we arranged for Christmas to happen while we were at Midnight Mass.  As we walked home from church, we kept watching for Santa's sleigh.  Imagine, if you can, the looks on our childrens faces when they saw Christmas had happened!  Hot Wheel track assembled and running from the tree to the dining room, doll bunk beds with pillows and blankets, filled stockings and all.

Today, my grandchildren still believe in Santa and I'm glad.  Somehow some of the magic disappears when Santa does too.